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Openfire, ClearSpace, Zimbra, LDAP

Hi to all,

I try to configure my ClearSpace and Openfire auth against OpenLDAP (Internal from Zimbra LDAP). I install the Zimbra Posix/Samba Zimlets for get groups LDAP schema working… But i’ve a seriously problem :

This is my schema example :

john—> uid=john, uidNumber=1001

peter–> uid=peter, uidNumber=1002

Groups :

devel -> memberUid=1001, memberuid1002

When i add the group to my Openfire show user 1001@mydomain.com when i need john uid.

¿Someone know how i can solve this?

Did you configure the username filed correctly for your LDAP. I believe you should be using UID not CN as is the default.


This is my config :


Showme my users ok, and my two groups fine. But in groups sections from zimbra admin i get this :

Members of This Group

100@mydomain.com *

I want to create some groups with users to my company. When a user login, get the all buddy list with users in groups.

¿How i can solve it?