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Openfire client not able to connect at port 5222

I configure openfire 4.1.1 successfully.But all client is not able to connect on port 5222.(spark,thunderbird)

Here client is successfully connect on port 5223.

on port 5222 error is(thunderbird)

The server doesn’t support encryption. but your configuration required it.

I enable all possible encryption on server.

Server port settings as follow

What error does Spark show?

Btw, when you are able to login on 5222 you should better disable the SSL. It’s less secure than TLS (as well as 5223 is less secure).

Finally I got answer.

Port 5222 is already use by another service.It is checked by :

sudo netstat -ntlp | grep LISTEN

found 5222 port is using 1395 process Kill that by

sudo kill 1395

Had that process a name? If that’s some service, it can take that port again after the server restart. It would be wiser to find out and maybe uninstall that program.

yes,you right after server restart smbd take again that port.