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Openfire client sessions


I am testing the scalability of the openfire using tsung.i am trying to create 4000 concurrent users to be online and send messages.I have pasted the xml code. But once i run the tsing xml file and see the no of client sessions in openfire admin webpage, its showing only 250-300…shldnt it be 1000?..i am confused.

Can any1 pls explain me this?

<?xml version="1.0"?>

hi, my bad… iam getting 700 sessions. But still i dont know y its not 1000…and some of hte sessions were offline and some were online.y is that?..I thought all the 1000users should come online at hte same time, send message and leave…

eve for 4000 users, I am getting only 700 sessions…Am i doing anything wrong?

hi, I stuck too in tsung configuration, I can’t capture active session after running tsung -f tsung.xml start. I have already try with many example .xml jabber configuration. Would you mind to share the tsung.xml for 700session ? Do you realy only get 700 session with 4000 max user config ? hmmm .