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Openfire cluster cannot see other nodes

i’ve been trying to cluster openfire 3.7.1 servers on both ubuntu using clustering1.2.1_beta plugin and coherence 3.3.1. everything is ok except when i enable the cluster ,i can see only one node, in nodes list , i cannot see other nodes? both hosts in clound server! In two hosts.


i set the inner ip

10.241.*.* AY130320174029486c6b
10.200.*.* AY121015030014a903417

http://community.igniterealtime.org/message/218486#218486 i follow this!

anybody has encounter this problem?

any suggestion/advice would be appreciated! thank you!

Are your two nodes on the same VLAN? Coherence uses multicast to communicate with the other nodes - Can you tcpdump on each node and see the multicast traffic? Does node B see the multicast traffic being sent by node A?

You may want to upgrade to Openfire 3.8.1 and use the Hazelcast clustering plugin which is nicer (and cheaper!) than the Oracle Coherence implementation.