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Openfire cluster with Hazelcast plugin issue

We are using openfire 3.8.1 and have setup two openfire servers in local environment. When two users are connected on different openfire servers. They are not able to send message to each other. We are not able to get the exact reason for this. Please help in resolving this issue.

You’re not providing much data to diagnose the issue. One thing that does stand out is that you’re using a very old version of Openfire.

Thanks for quick response. Yes, we are using old version of openfire - 3.8.1.
In the local environment, we have used two openfire servers with hazelcast plugin and single database server.

(1) When there is a single openfire server, messages are getting delivered without any delay.
(2) When we are doing cluster setup(2 openfire servers with hazelcast in local), message delivery takes around 2 minutes .
(3) When we are debugging code, we found that In case of delay, it was going to “routeToLocalDomain” method, but when we tried group chat, message delivery was working fine. In this case(group chat), “routeToLocalDomain(conferece)” method was used.

Please let me know if you need any more details.