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Openfire Cluster with REST API Plugin - Create Chat Room Not Propagating to other members

Hello There,

I am using Openfire Server version 4.3.1 in a two node cluster setup and REST API Plugin version 1.3.9.

I am creating a chat room via REST API which is successful, but it do not propagates to other cluster member i.e. when I look for newly created chat room (with a specific service name) in ‘Group Chat’ tab on both the nodes, the newly created chat room with service name only shows up on one of the cluster member and not on the other one.

Please refer to error logs: Openfire_Error.log (31.5 KB)

Can someone suggest a way to achieve that or am I missing something?

This looks like it could be https://issues.igniterealtime.org/browse/OF-1649 which was fixed in 4.3.3 - how easy is it for you to update and retry?


4.3.3 hasn’t been released though.

Doh! Apologies :frowning:

Thanks for replying to this thread, can you please suggest what can be done to eliminate the issue.
I hope you have already seen attached error logs in my previous post, just to highlight the issue again, service-task pair (I am grouping tasks based on services) doesn’t propagates to other node in cluster and works fine if I restart Openfire.

I meant the chat works fine when I restart openfire, but replication/propagation issue persists with newly created group-service.

service-task -> From tasks, I meant chat room.

Understood, unfortunately we don’t have a fix available for you right now (unless you want to try a nightly 4.4.0-SNAPSHOT build).