Openfire Clustering Question


I was trying to cluster my openfire servers on several places. I’m using Openfire 3.7.1 and clustering plugin 1.2.2, which use shoal instead of coherence. I was managed to cluster my servers on the same subnet, but when I try to cluster on different subnet, the nodes no appearing at each other. Has anybody succesfully deploy the cluster on different subnet using plugin 1.2.2?

You need to configure your router to handle the multicast group. Does your router support forwarding of multicast IP packets? You will need to configure PIM and IGMP on your router most likely.

I can’t get the 1.2.2 clustering plugin working on the same subnet, much less anything else. Can you post your configuration steps?

Well, I don’t use router for my servers, since they are already on public IP.

When it was working, I just install two openfire system on different servers using different database. I setup the properties as in the instruction, omitting the virtual.multicast.uri.list. I have both servers in the same IP block that time, connected directly to public network. I don’t know if it works on local network.

What platform did you get clustering 1.2.2 working? Windows or linux?