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Openfire clustering with red5 plugin


I have managed to cluster 2 servers and have installed red5 plugin on both servers to enable the audio/video chat. And I have encounter a problem, please refer the scenario below:


User A connect to server 1 and User B connect to server 2. User A initiate a video call to User B and User B accept the call, but, on both side, there is no video and audio.

But, if both the user connect to the same server, the video call works fine. So, I’m kinda lost here on why the Red5 plugin does not work when 2 user connect to 2 different server …

Is there any configuration on Red5 that I have to configure?

Btw, the clustering is done by using the clustering plugin with coherence 3.3.1.

Appreciate the helps.

Try installing red5 plugin on only one cluster node. I suggest this because that is the way fastpath plugin works in clustering.

Ok … will try that …

thanx slicer 321

I have done it … but, still, I can’t connect 2 users connected on 2 different server. Btw, I’m using the sparkweb that come with red5 plugin for this testing.

Maybe Dele, the author of red5 plugin, could answer this better. Though maybe he’s only watching the Red5 section of the forums. You can move your thread there or start a new one.

ok … will do that …


I have found the answer …

I need to set the “The Flash Netconnection URL” properties in the Red5 Properties page in Openfire admin console to a either 1 of the 2 servers. The URL is something like this : rtmp://server_name/oflaDemo