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Openfire configuration for 50000 concurrent users


Is there any suggested openfire configuration to handle 50000 concurrent users?

We want to know the ideal configuration for this scenario, I hope you can help.


A server with 12GB or 16GB RAM. Any decent Intel Xeon server from even 3-4 years ago should be fine. The problem is if the server goes down and all users start to reconnect at the same exact time. Your server will not be able to handle that many users trying to connect at the same time. If you are using a custom jabber client, then have it set a random reconnect time between a few seconds to 5 minutes if the connection was lost. I currently use Windows 2008 and 2012 for my setup. I’ve load tested each server to over 100k users. I’ve also setup clusters. You need to make sure you are using the modification (found somewhere on these forums) to run 64 bit Java or else you will suffer from low RAM problems since 32 bit java does not use more than 1.5GB RAM. Also, use these custom properties which you can add on the server menu:

(For your use, you should be able to cut these values in half for 50k users)

cache.ClientSessionInfoCache.size 384857600

cache.group.maxLifetime 3600000
cache.group.size 5242880

cache.groupMeta.maxLifetime 3600000
cache.groupMeta.size 25097152

cache.lastActivity.size 3600000
cache.offlinePresence.size 15600000

cache.userCache.maxLifetime 3600000
cache.userCache.size 35971520

cache.userGroup.maxLifetime 3600000
cache.userGroup.size 5242880

cache.username2roster.maxLifetime 3600000
cache.username2roster.size 992428800

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Thanks Joe, this was helpful.