Openfire Connection pool 25 (max)

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Need help!!! May i know it only allow 25 users access at the same time??? I have implemented for IT dept but at least got 70++ users. What should i do now? How to change the connection pool to 100 users ?

I using Linux Debian 6 and PostgreSQL

Please help …

Connection pol is not about the connected users. It shows how many connections can Openfire do to the database and usually 25 is more than enough. Your problem is somewhere else. Please tell us more about your issue. What errors do you get and what you are trying to do?

Thanks for your infomation. Now i clearly understand, because previously i saw 6 person is logging openfire and the pool there is showing 6. I thought is number of users connection. Next week all the IT dept will using openfire i just worry 70++ users login at the same time some of the user unable to access.

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Openfire can support thousands of users, so 70+ will be fine. If your question is answered, please, mark it as Answered.

Just to clarify, a pool defines the number of **concurrent **connections that are supported. Connections are not kept by a user, they are used as necessary and returned to the pool, so a single connection can support many users.

When a user action causes a db access, a connection is retrieved, the db operation is performed and the connection is returned to the pool, now available for the next db action (from any user).

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Hi Rcollier,

Thanks for your clarify. Now i’m i clearly understand it.

But how increase this number?