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Openfire connects to AD but Spark errors out

So I got Openfire configured to connect to Active Directory to pull users and groups for using Openfire as our IM solution. When When I go to connect using Spark, it errors out with “Invalid username or password”.

Going straight to the debug window the Raw Received Packets has this:

<?xml version='1.0'?>service requested for unknown domain

It seems no authentication is routing through the Openfire server to the AD DC. Has anyone come across this before?

how did you configure your server to work with AD? Did you use a Fully Qualified Domain Name for the server name? Did you enter that FQDN into your AD DNS server? Are you using that FQDN in the spark login settings?

It was installed on and OS X server that is bound to our AD. Used FQDN across the board. The Openfire admin page would show all the users and groups but you couldn’t connect.

Using the exact same settings (except MSSQL instead of MySQL) I installed it on Win2K8 and it connects just fine. Of course that brings me to a different issue. OF is pulling all the groups in from AD but many are missing some users and in some case all the users. I haven’t looked this up if someone else has had it yet.