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Openfire console cannot add user to a group

Hello everyone,

I’m a new user for openfire, also mysql data base.

Hardly I’ve finished my openfire server and all users can use spark for internal discussion, file transfer, etc.

people would like to see a full member list instead of add new contact one by one, so I’m trying to create a group with all member inside.

Then I found I cannot change user group or add any user to a empty group, anybody can check it out and let me know why?

Seems my picture cannot be uploaded, just like to know why there’s no ‘group’ option when I create a new user?


Are you using Active Directory/LDAP for authentication? If you are, you cannot create groups from admin console, they are fed in from AD groups.


I don’t use AD/Ldap for authentication. Problem was solved after a check a video on youtube.

What made me confused was when I click the ‘add’ button trying to select user for a group, the cusor just go somewhere else.

Later I find only need to input the user name in the frame, then cick ‘add’…then it’s done.

It’s actually not an issue…

Thanks anyway