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OpenFire Content Filter Plugin Issue!

We are using OpenFire 4.1.5 in our mobile game. The content filter plugin does not seem to be working. Our regular expressions containing the swear words are correct. We have enabled masking those swear words with *** as well. But the “bad” words are not hidden or masked in our game. We even restarted OpenFire. But the plugin is not working.

Any help or clue in resolving this issue is appreciated.


Without seeing your Patterns value it is hard to tell. Works for me with a simple test word on 4.2.3.

We have regular expressions separated by commas.
For example, one such expression is (?i)\bhell\b
^To mask the word “hell”

Also, can the not working of plugin be related to java version of the machine running OpenFire?


I have tried (?i)\bhell\b and it worked for me. I also have a few words separated by commas. Not sure about Java version. Maybe this plugin uses regular expressions that are part of Java. Anyway, i tried on 4.2.3 with Java 1.8.0_162.

Thanks for your input.

We are using an older OpenFire version (4.1.5). Could that be causing the problem?

I don’t think so. I remember someone complaining about it not working long time ago and it worked for me that time also.

ok, thanks.

Do you have any alternative plugin in mind that can help with filtering out swear words?

No. This is the only plugin for Openfire with that function.


I checked the logs, and we keep getting
"Content filter: content matched? false "
from the logs.

Any clue regarding this one?

No, haven’t see such. Content filter is a very old plugin and not updated or maintained in a long time.
I think you should somehow provide the whole expression (upload somewhere) for me to try to reproduce it. And even if i will reproduce it, there are nobody here to fix it most probably.

As a rule of thumb, I’d suggest that If you can get a clear reproduction recipe of the any, it’s more likely to be fixed.

That means the RegEx you’re filtering on and the word/phrase you’re expecting to it to capture and doesn’t.


ok thanks.

We are operating with following configurations:
Java version "1.7.0_151"
OpenFire Version "4.1.5"
Content Filter Plugin “1.8.0” (latest)

I hope this is not causing content plugin to not work at all.

Here’s a link to our regular expressions:


Just put them all in one line like this https://pastebin.com/nwseH1n7
It seems that Content Filter plugin can’t read expressions with newline characters in them.