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Openfire crashed when the threadpool obtains the MaximumPoolsize

Hi all,

I used the Bosh client to connect to openfire server. When the threadpool obtains the MaximumPoolSize(=17), our server has freezed for a long time. Other clients are unable to connect to server.At that time, there are only 150 users who are chatting in the same room(Muc). We often restart the server in this case and we get this issue daily.

-3.6.3 Openfire server

-Xiff Client (Bosh)

How do I increase max. size of Mina thread-pool ( openfire properties, etc) ?



We switched the tcp mode (Xiff client), everything is fine. There has no issue about freeze server.

We think there is something wrong with Bosh mode in openfire server (mina thread pool in Bosh mode maybe cause the problem above).

Now we disable the Bosh feature in production server and wait for stable openfire realease.

Thank all