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Openfire custom database using a specific user

l was able to setup openfire with custom Database, but my superior told me that l need to make Openfire create tables under a specific user, and that Openfire making a bunch of tables just under “Table” is not ok. ls that something possible? l am using oracle.

This is a very generic database-administration question. It is not specific to Openfire. In very broad terms, access to entities in your database is controlled. That includes authentication/authorization functionality, and segmentation of data.

What I think that your superior is asking is that you configure your database in such a way that the data for Openfire is separated from other data in the database. This typically involves:

  • creating a user/password for a database-user that is to be used by Openfire
  • defining what parts of your database server are accessible to that user

When setting up Openfire, you’re asked for configuration that Openfire will use to try and connect to your database. This is where you can re-use the values above - but you first must have configured them in your database.

I encourage you to read up on all this in the documentation of the database system that you’re using.

l found this. l created a user with username “Jive”, then l ran the setup again, yet the tables are not under that user. l am using oracle. There are some description of using sqlplus. ls that supposed to somehow replace the database config page during the setup process?