Openfire DB connection failure

openfire.log (724.9 KB)
in first time configuration is failing after the upgrade to 4.8.1.
Attaching reference screen short and log file. Appreciate your help

The errors that are logged suggest that the database server closes the connection. This typically happens when the connection is not configured properly. Sadly, Openfire logs do not contain any clues to the cause. You can try to review the logs of your database server for more information.

this is usually due to your connection string being incorrect.
if you are using ms sql, which it looks like your are based on the screen shot, then you may need to do a few more things, like enable tcp/ip connections and possible set the port from dynamic to static (usually 1433). you can use dynamic, but requires SQL Server Browser service to be running

Connection string formatting:
jdbc:sqlserver://<server>\<named instance>;databaseName=<database>
My string looks like this:

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