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Openfire - Debian packages (bumped up again) :-(


is there a special reason that the debian packages have been bumped up to 3.4.1 ?

if i remember correctly they were scheduled for 3.3.3.

is there anything missing? is there anything the community can do to speed this process up?

debian (etch) support via simply apt-get install openfire would be so helpfull for openfire.

i cant understand why this is no top priority.



p.s.: dont get me wrong - i know that this is (at least half) free software and ppl are donating their freetime here.

i just want to discuss this enhancement.

I think the biggest issue is lack of time and expertise. Ive built debian packages before, but I dont know that I have the time to maintain a debian package structure for Openfire right now (perhaps later in October that will change). I would love to see the package too

Reading the issue tracker one really gets the impression, that there are quite a few offers from the community trying to help with debian support.

maybe the jive guys just believe, that this is no “top important feature”.

so - if you are reading this and would like to use openfire on debian by simply typing apt-get install openfire, please vote for this bug:


Perhaps, but no one has contributed anything (yet). I think the

official Jive team lacks the experience to put together good deb packages.