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Openfire disconnects users

Hi Everyone,

I have Openfire server installed and about 200 users connected to it. Most of them are using PSI client. Among them there are about 15 users who occasionally lose their connection to the Openfire server, PSI returns “there was an error communicating with the server” and closes connection. Howewer, PSI reconnect them automatically after closed session but that problem appears again after few minutes.

Do anyone have any idea what is the couse?

Thanks a lot for any help.


You must increase your Java Memory on Openfire Server.

How can I increase Java Memory on Openfire Server and should I? (I use openfire Linux package with included jre on machine with 2Gb of RAM) By the way, in Server Information (Admin Console) Java Memory used only 26.93 MB of 487.31MB, and problem still occur.


do you see any errors in the log file when a user gets disconnected? Either on client or on server side?

If you are using compression for client to server connections you may want to disable it, JM-1115 is a known issue.