OpenFire disconnects with icq2go chat partner

Hi all!

Im running openfire 3.3.1 On Debian Sarge (converted from rpm package) with im gateway 1.0.2

Im having a heavy Problem with the icq gateway in my openfire installation.

Every time, an icq2go user writes something to me, i get dis- and reconnected.

After 3 disconnections, the user gets deleted from my roster.

So i enabled debug log and looked what happend:

any ideas?

to me it seems as if the special character after the message somehow kills my session.

i wasnt able to reproduce the situation with any other contact…

greetings from Germany


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Hi! I can’'t see any indication in that log that you were disconnected. =( Do you see anything in any of the other logs that looks like a disconnected message?


This looks strange to me too…

I have to repruduce this issue as soon as my chat partner is online…