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Openfire does not respond

I just finished setting up openfire on one of my servers. I did successfully install it with a rpm and started it up. But when I try to open the admin panel at port 9090, the page just times out.

Any idea what could be wrong?

the initial config via a web browser must be done on the actual machine the software is installed on. it needs to be run from localhost:9090 until you configure it completely.

Is that really so? Because I’m trying to run the openfire server on a server that is located in a datacenter far away from me.

I did try openfire a couple of months ago, version 3.3.0 and then I was able to open this even tho it wasn’t from a local network.

Isn’t there any way I can do this on this server?

Try setting up an SSH Tunnel to the remote machine. You should be able to fake a local connection like that.