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Openfire doesn't kill sessions

Hi again, I am have a lot of trouble getting rid of idle connections. I tried using xmpp.client.idle which did nothing. I tried setting 60000 which represented 1 mins . I also tried to use the default one by not putting anything. I think the default one is 360 seconds . I checked the source and it was 60 * 60 * 1000/ 1000 . I tried killing the openfire process by doing a sudo kill -9 process number and checking the users which are active and to my surprise everyone was still active and the sessions were not cleaned. I really don’t know waht is going on now… I can;t get rid of any sessions unless i manually go to the admin and kill it. Any help would appreciated . Thanks…I am getting really desperate now…

Oh and i forgot to mention I am using 3.6.3