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Openfire Enterprise Users Gone

I have been a paying customer of Openfire Enterprise for some time now and 3 days ago my license expired so my natural reaction was to upgrade to 3.6.3 after being told to by jive. When I did my db mapping has been crapped for some reason all my users seemed to not be there. However I look at the db table and they are there. I look at the plugins and Openfire ent. is still at version 3.5.0 so Im assuming that is the problem. Need help asap.

move the enterprise plugin and its folders, as well as any other plugin you have installed. move them to a safe folder . Install the latest plugins, you cannot use the enterprise plugin anymore as it is not supported, and will not work.

i did that but users are still missing. i only have admin and demo. I see in my database i have two tables dbo.ofUser and clearuser.ofUser and it looks as though its pulling from clearuser.ofUser.

Hey Matthew,

Can I get a listing of all the tables in your database? I’ve never seen a clearUser.ofUser table before. Are there other clearUser.* tables?



This jacked up my database so bad. I lost all my archived messages. It created new tables instead of changing the name of my current ones all kinds of extreme hell. After 5 hours of tediously renaming my tables and running the upgrade patches everything is working. I had to recreate groups those were lost all together and like I said the archived messages were overwritten by some install script I suppose. Thanks for all the help but too late.