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Openfire EOL Versions?

I am trying to find out if there are any end-of-life versions for Openfire, and if so, when do these versions typically become EOL/unsupported? Thanks.

I guess @guus or someone else from Ignite Realtime org can comment on that. But usually only the latest version is the one supported. There are probably cases when someone asks to provide patches or new features for older versions, but these are probably rare cases and this is a paid support by some of the partners listed on this site and such patches might not be added to official released versions. In short, there is no official list of EOL. Once new version is released, previous one becomes not supported. Rolling model so to speak.

Maybe you can explain why you are asking for this and maybe it will make it easier to answer you.

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What wroot says.

We generally work on two branches: the master branch, which will evolve into the next major release, as well as a branch based on the last major release from which we generate patch releases.

We are not explicitly supporting any particular version, and do not have a “lifecycle” for releases.