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Openfire Error When Start-Up

Every time openfire start-up when my computer boots up it starts up but gives me a long… red message and when i go to sign into spark it wont work

looks to me like you are running openfire twice with that error. Are you running it as a service and starting the GUI launcher? You cannot do that. Try restarting and checking task manager before launching openfire GUI. if openfire is in there you need not run the GUI launchre. If that is not the case then the permissions are wrong on the install folder for openfire.

Well ive checked the services etc in task manager isnt it isnt on there, but iit says about the debug file on the logs folder is denied, when i go to look at the debug file, it is empty. What shall i do know?

Restart your PC, DO NOT LAUNCH launcher and try to login to admin console. If you are able to login,then Openfore is running as a service.

If not, then check Security settings on that logs folder and make sure the user you are running Openfire with has write rights on that folder. Debug.log shouldnt be created by default. Have you enabled debugging maybe?