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Openfire export


If I want to move the openfire installation from one server to another server and the mySql database stays on the same server.

Is there an easy way to just change the ip address of the servers in the mySql tables? tried the export/import and it looked like it did to carry

over every users roster’s.

Does anyone have a cheat sheet how to do this?



if you are using an IP address instead of a fully qualified domain name (chatserver.domain.com) for the server you will need to edit every instance of the old ip out of the database to make the conversion. I would suggest using a FQDN for the new server so if it needs moved again this in not an issue.


I see what you are saying, the FQDN is different from the two servers too.

Is there a reason why the export/import does not bring over ALL the information to be able to start openfire on a new server?

But I should be ok if I change the ip address in every table in the DB. Maybe I can write and post a s2ql script that does all that. ill that give me some bonus points? Kidding!!



FQDN are all relative. Just enter a new A record into DNS for the new server name of openfire. you can have many different A records for one IP address. does not matter.