Openfire external db authentication

Hello There,

I have been checking this for a while, but not able to find a solution. I don’t am i totally new here or am i missing some configuration steps.

I am using openfire 3.10.2

There are few issues that i am running into while configuring openfire xmpp with external db for authentication

I have made all the configuration changes through admin panel like providing jdbcAuthProvider and all. If you guys wants to see them i can paste those configuration here.

Also i have configured “provider.classname.user” so that openfire loads the users from external database - This has been successful and i can see list of users from external db

However Authentication is where I am facing issue after doing the configuration changes.

Here are the issues that I am facing; -

  1. In Admin console under logs and info i can see the reported message as - “ - User Login Failed. PLAIN authentication failed for: user” ; - To test external db authentication i am trying to login through the client Spark and it gives me message - “Invalid username or password”

  2. Also when i try to login into the admin panel with external db admin credentials it gives me message - “Login failed: make sure your username and password are correct and that you’re an admin or moderator.” I checked the logs and there its been reported as - “org.jivesoftware.admin.LoginLimitManager - Failed admin console login attempt by admin from

Can anyone please help me out fixing and integrating with external db

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Hello Guys,

Any one? can someone please provide help or guidance?

Hello Guys,

anything on this?

Hello There,

Please, any one there?

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Does log in with Spark works fine?

You may need to configure the admin.jid /admin.user property properly - see Openfire Properties .