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Openfire features

Based on my company’s requirement I am seeking for a tool which should capable for voice & video group/one on one chat and file sharing features. Does Openfire supports all mentioned features? As on different posts different opinions are posted. Waiting for your nice guidance.

You don’t use commas, so it is hard to understand what exactly do you need. Does voice/video have to be group or one on one also? What do you mean by file sharing? Sending files one on one or sharing them in the group chat? Anyway. Video/Voice are not available out of the box. Though there is Openfire Meetings plugin, which provides video chat conference (not exactly one on one). It is web based and requires Chrome. It works for some, but doesn’t work for many. So, it kind of supports this, but it can be tricky. Sending files is more a client feature. Though Openfire has File transfer proxy to make it easier for clients. There is no option to share files in the group chat.