Openfire federation with Microsoft Office Communicator server (Edge)

This is just a snippet of information one user sent to us. Not sure if this be of any help to anyone (probably Lync has already replaced MOC for many).


  1. Download source code of openfire


  1. unzip it, then compile it using ant

then add below give codes in below given file

#vi /root/openfire_src/src/java/org/jivesoftware/openfire/server/ServerDialback.jav a

if (“stream”.equals(doc.getNamespacePrefix()) && “features”.equals(doc.getName())) {

                    Log.debug("GB: DROPING " + doc.asXML());

                    doc = reader.parseDocument().getRootElement();

then compile the same using ant utility.

Note: it was observed that, when the shared secret is being sent by Edge Server, the first messages/para is junk and the next packet/data had the actual “shared secret”.

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