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OpenFire - File transfer speed problems


I’m running an OpenFire service (v3.7.1) on an Ubuntu server 10.04 (x64) with Sun Java 1.6.

We’re about 14 users and for the chat-communication between the clients (inside the own LAN and

even outside, i.e. on mobile devices or on the home computer) everything works fine as it should.

The strange thing is, when I want to transfer a file between two clients (both clients inside the same LAN),

the transfer-speed is horrible slow; I’m talking about 2KB/s up to 17KB/s at it’s max.

My exact setup is as follows:

OpenFire-Service is running on a external hosted server. Qietly all of the clients are (at least during the working hours)

in the same LAN behind a firewall. Outgoing traffic from the clients is allowed.

The OpenFire server works as FTP-Proxy and all of the needed ports are opened and the host is reachable through them.

Opend ports are:

5222 for Jabber-clients to connect

5223 for SSL-connections between clients and server

5269 for Server-to-Server connections

7777 for File Transfer Proxy

9091 for SSL-connections to the administration panel


I’ve done a DNS-entry for the OpenFire servername; it’s like “talk.mydomain.com”.

Do I need additional DNS-entries? What’s about the "search., which I can define in the

“Search Service Properties” inside the admin-panel? Do I also need a entry for it? The search function itself seems

to work without problems (even with remote servers), so I didN#t care about.


Computer/Client 1 = (wired)

Computer/Client 2 = (wired)

Computer/Client 3 = (wireless)

Computer/Client 4 = (home-office - wired)

Client 1,2 and 3 are inside the same LAN, the 4th client is at a remote site (i.e. home office).

I’ve tested every variation of file transfer; it doesn’t matter if I transfer a file from client 1 to client 2,3 or 4 or

vice versa. I never hit a decent and acceptable speed. I’m always arround 2-17KB/s.

I’ve tested with different clients, i.e. Spark, Pidgin, Jitsi,… same result, so it shouldn’t be a client-problem.

Has anyone a clue what here could be the problem?

Thanks and kind regards



I’ve done a lot of tests and as for now it seems, that if I’m using Spark (tested with v2.6.3) on both client-sides, it works how it should. There is no more transfer-speed-problem.

I’m sorry that I’ve opened a Thread here for a problem where neither OpenFire, nor Spark are guilty.