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OpenFire forget webinterface accounts

Dear people of Openfire,

After a couple of installations, the openfire-webinterface ‘forget’ the administrator accounts. The first time we thought it was our mistake, but other installations have the same problem.
Every time when we setup Openfire through the webinterface, and we create new Administrator accounts with admin-privileges, we reboot our server and the next time when we try to login, the webinterface don’t recognize our accounts.

This also happens to the default admin-account, so we absolutely don’t make mistakes with additional admin accounts.
All accounts are still able to login in the Spark clients and can chat with eachother.

Spefications: we are running on xmpp.[domain].nl:9090 (port 9091 doesn’t work either)
We also use the integrated database.

It seems we overlook something. Can you please help?

Are you using Openfire 4.1.5?

If you are on windows, are you running openfire as an administrator?

Do you find anything interesting in the logs about the login failures? The logs/ folder of the Openfire install may have clues.

No, we are using Openfire 4.1.4. at our FreeBSD 11.1 server.

Yes, the logs says there was a bad login, but thats all.
This afternoon I decided to try it one more time. So a fresh install, deleted everything what was referred to openfire or spark. On other topics I’ve read its necessary to stop Openfire when the setup was completed. After that, I restarted the server and I was still able to login. (for now)

Monday we will configure all the encryption/certificate features. When applied and the problems turns back, we can define Openfire is not able to support the switch from plain-text to encrypted accounts.
If that is the case, we need still a solution to fix that. But I don´t want to overwalk into the facts, lets await what happen next monday.

Thanks for now and have a nice weekend you all!


Are you changing the XMPP domain as part of the re-install? The list of admin users contains the domain name, so admin@old-domain is the admin user, but you’re logging in as admin@new-domain.

That could have been the case. Can’t confirm that for sure.
When the problem occurs again, I will think about your comment :slight_smile:

At this stage, the server is running smooth and nicely since friday. (Even with hard resets - servershutdown without stopping the openfire service in an official way)

Thanks guys!