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Openfire forgets system properties

I’ve been using Openfire 3.4.1 with MySQL 5 on a test XP box for a while and it’s been running fine, i’ve recently moved it to a Windows 2003 server (now 3.4.2)and set it up the same as on the XP box. Everything seems to generally work i can see users from Active Directory and logon using Spark the only issue is that when i set ‘System Properties’ using the links under ‘Server Settings’ they are forgotten next time i restart the Openfire service.

Can anyone tell me where these settings are saved? (or not being saved )


Some of the system settings are stored in the openfire.xml file. This file is located in the \program files\openfile\conf.

I can’t see settings for these options in the file on the old XP box and that remembers them after a reeboot. Openfire.xml file is the file that i’ve set everything else in and it’s clearly being read correctly on the new box.



the “system properties” are stored in the JIVEPROPERTY table in the database.



So this could be an indication that Openfire isn’t writing to the MySQL Db then?

Are you familiar with using MySQL as the Db if so can you advise?

So far i’ve created a schema and ran the openfire_mysql.sql script to create the tables i then created a user called openfire in MySQL and assigned it full rights to the openfire Db.

Thanks for the reply.

Thanks for the reply it2000 once i knew what table to look for a realised that it wasn’t there, somehow in a bonehead moment i had run the sqlserver script to set the tables not the mysql script.

It’s working fine now.


Hi there, I cant find the jive table that stores the properties. The tables I have are the following:

| ofConParticipant |
| ofConversation |
| ofExtComponentConf |
| ofGroup |
| ofGroupProp |
| ofGroupUser |
| ofID |
| ofMessageArchive |
| ofMucAffiliation |
| ofMucConversationLog |
| ofMucMember |
| ofMucRoom |
| ofMucRoomProp |
| ofMucService |
| ofMucServiceProp |
| ofOffline |
| ofPfRules |
| ofPresence |
| ofPrivacyList |
| ofPrivate |
| ofProperty |
| ofPubsubAffiliation |
| ofPubsubDefaultConf |
| ofPubsubItem |
| ofPubsubNode |
| ofPubsubNodeGroups |
| ofPubsubNodeJIDs |
| ofPubsubSubscription |
| ofRRDs |
| ofRemoteServerConf |
| ofRoster |
| ofRosterGroups |
| ofSASLAuthorized |
| ofSecurityAuditLog |
| ofUser |
| ofUserFlag |
| ofUserProp |
| ofVCard |
| ofVersion


with db version 19 “jiveProperty” was renamed to “ofProperty”. Also all other tables did get the “of”-prefix.


Hello many thanks, I managed to find it out seconds before you posted your reply. I also wanted to ask you if the system properties is working for the xmpp session idle and the xmpp session timeout. Any value i set in there doesn’t seem to make any differences. Thanks.

Fixed… need xmpp.client instead of xmpp.server.

ofProperty table is storing system properties