Openfire freezes after a certain time, using Red5 plugin

Hi, I’m using Openfire with the Red5 plugin in a massive webcam app. Everything works ok, but after certain time (maybe 1 or 2 days) openfire freezes, i can see the “frozen” daemon with netstat -ntap with many connections hanged at port 1935 with the PID of the java process, I make an “openfire status” and it says “the daemon is stopped”. If I try “openfire stop” or “openfire start” and the only way to restart the server is “kill -9 PID” and then start the server again.

What can be happening?


you may want to read and create one or more javacore files. Does the process still use CPU cycles? Does the server have enough free memory?


Thanks a lot, i found it very useful, i will try it. I will get more data if it happens again, generally when it happens some user report it to us and i quickly restart the server and that’s it.