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Openfire fresh install Current Password

Hello everyone,

I am new in this forum but today i have a problem with my openfire Chat Server on Windows Server 2008 R2.

I am using Mysql Database on Xampp Software

In the new Fresh Installation on Windows, i don’t know what’s Current Password i will put to going in the final step

Can anyone to help me what can i do to fix the problem.

P.S: The same problem they are on the Ubuntu Server. On the linux i am using Apache2 Software to configuration the Openfire Server but again not working.

You can watch this ticket for updates on this issue [OF-1253] Setup asks for the old password on a fresh install when not using Embedded DB - IgniteRealtime JIRA

The problem is on New Version of Openfire 4.1.0 this version have a bugs.

I make downgrade the setup with version 4.0.4 and should working fine.

Added explanation here current password?