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Openfire Fresh Install

I am installing Openfire 4.2.3 on a new windows 2016 server. On the Database Settings screen during the post installation wizard, I choose embedded database and get the following error:
The Openfire database schema does not appear to be installed. Follow the installation guide to fix this error.

Do I need to install the embedded database first?

Did you install into Program files? If so, you should run the launcher via Run as admin, because otherwise the program can’t write changes to Program files (UAC protection). Or just use the service, which is already installed and probably running. This might be another cause, launcher conflicting with service. You can quit the launcher, run a browser and go to http://localhost:9090 (or later to https://localhost:9091) to reach the setup and Admin Console. Service is running with System account, so you won’t run into UAC problem. Or you can install into C:\Openfire. Then you won’t have to run the launcher with Run as admin. This is explained in the http://download.igniterealtime.org/openfire/docs/latest/documentation/install-guide.html

I read that section and thought I had run the launcher as administrator but I guess not. I ended up taking your suggestion and reinstalled Openfire to a location other than Program Files. Thanks for your help on this.