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Openfire generates AWT-EventQueue-0 Error then users don't show up on buddy list

Hi everyone, long time stalker and reader, first time poster. A few months ago, we started experienceing an issue with users not showing up on people contact list. If they (the people missing users) log off/on, they would work fine. The issue seems to occur at the same time I receive an error in the Openfire console window.

The timing seems to coincide with a a big hiring push we did, so I could believe it might be our database getting big. We have a total 105 usernames, with at maximum a total of 70 on at once, but most likely a lot less, between 50-60. The system it is installed on is running Windows Server 2003, a 64bit 2.5 GHz Xeon process, and 16GB RAM. The VM is set up with 1.5GB RAM. It does not seem to be caused by being low on java memory.

If I stop then restart the service, the users beging funtioning normally again, until the next time it starts up and the error pops on the Openfire conole.

Thanks in davance everyone for any help you can offer.

Why don’t you run it as a service?

Can’t say whether this will help, but you can stop Openfire, delete ‘jre’ folder inside its installation folder, install Java 7 on this system and launch Openfire. It then should be using Java 7 instead of the in-built Java 6.

AWT is used for graphical user interface in Java, so it’s weird to see such error for Openfire, unless it’s the launcher generating it. And maybe when it does it somehow brakes normal Openfire behavior. So running as a service could also help.

Hi Wroot, thank you for the answer.

I didnt change the JVM but I did launch it a a service this morning, killing the launcher, and it seems to have fixed my original issue, at least so far (about 6 hours so far). I am getting some strange warnings in the logs now:

and they coencide with these errors:

Do you think these might be a new issue? I can’t seem to see any functional errors in how its running (so far, knock on wood).

This seems related to Monitoring Service (statistics). So entry has a bad timestamp, but i can’t say much about it. maybe it is only affecting that one entry, or maybe the whole stats.

This seems to have been the ticket. I deleted all of the old stats and logs that the monitoring service had created, uninstalled the Monitoring plugin, restarted the openfire service, then installed the Monitoring plugin again and now it seems to be working without issue.

2 days since setting up Openfire as a service it has run smoothly without the old issues returing. Thanks again for the help.