Openfire going to setup wizard after upgrade to 3.7

Ok. need more help appearently. When i launch openfire from bin/ It fired up and i could connect and my few users showed up. I stopped openfire then launched using /etc/init.d/openfire start. The web works but wants me to go through setup and the keeps repeating on DB settings I get error “The openfire database schema does not appear to be installed. follow the installation guide to fix this error.” Which I couldn’t find. I’m using the embedded Database. was using 3.6.4 had to fix a im gateway, thanks guys. Once I did that, it started by using the and said upgrading db from version 10 to 11. I looked for openfire in different directories based on what was in the init.d script. also checked the sysconfig/openfire but everything in there is commented out.

Maybe you are starting it from init.d with a user which don’t have write permissions on /openfire/conf or /openfire/embedded-db

You were right. Openfire starts with the daemon that it creates, that supposedly has access to the files that it creates. Anyway openfire.xml had root as its owner, once changed it started right up. A couple of other files also had root as owner & grp so I put all those to daemon. Thanks, maybe next time I should spend more time in the error.log, yes it was the first line whenever I would go through the wizard it would say access denied to openfire.xml must have write permission.