Hi Everyone,

Is it possible to configure Openfire to communictate with Googletalk, So a Googletalk user could add a contact created in the Openfire server. If so is it documented anywhere, so far the only document ive come across is that server to server howto guide.



I don’t know if GT allows s2s but you may use the gateway plugin wich supports GT at least if you have your own GT-Account.

If GT does not like s2s and the gateway plugin is not what you want I don’t think you have other options.

i see what you mean, ok thanks for that.



My Openfire 3.4.4 has currently s2s-connections to

So I think GoogleTalk is no problem

BUT: This connections are not SSL/TLS encrypted.

oh right cool, did that take much configuration or just open the port 5269, enabled server to server communication and away you go.



Just open the port 5269.


cool, all done so. Its working now.



Hey guys, if this is setup as a s2s connection, are convo’s still logged by the archiving plugin? People here are freaking out wanting to use Gchat, but the gateway is still considered beta, so we don’t use it.

Has anyone had any problems with this? Any help would be appreciated.

Daniel Costello

Are you able to encrypt the connection between google and openfire when using the gateway plugin?

The gateway plugin is no longer supported in these forums. Please go to the developers website (search for Kraken Plugin). It no longer functions correctly and has been replaced by the Kraken Plugin which is only support at the developers site. Read the annoouncements at the top of the community, and it is bad form to resurect an old thread to ask a new question.