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Openfire groups : Contact list sharing options


I’m trying to understand how “Contact list sharing” options are working for Openfire Groups. When you enable Contact list sharing, you have 3 options, please confirm if I understand them correctly:

  1. Users of the same group => If you activate it, then each member of the group will see every other members of the group (except himself of course)

  2. All users => if you activate it then every user in Openfire database will see in their contact list the members of this group

  3. The following groups (it’s where I have my problem) => when you configure it, you have to select one or multiple groups in the list below. Once configured, then all the members of the group(s) selected in the list should have in their contact list the members of the group (the one being configured)

But when I test the third option, it seems that not only the members of the other group(s) see all members of the group that has been configured with this option; the members of this group also see each other in their contact list
This last point is my problem but I’m not sure it’s the expected behaviour of the option. Do you have any thoughts on this ?

Edit: Currently testing on Openfire 4.4.x, with multiple clients (Spark, conversejs, gajim)

I think your definitions are correct.

To be sure: you’re seeing that when option 3 is chosen, option 1 is (also) applied, even if the group name of the group that is shared is not part of the list of groups to share the group with)?

I had the same observation after the 4.2.0 release. It worked this way all the time actually, but in 4.2.0 settings have been moved around and renamed and now it is a bit confusing https://issues.igniterealtime.org/browse/OF-1385

@guus: Yes when I select option 3, option 1 is also applied (but the checkbox is not checked ofc)

@wroot: I agree with the description done in OF-1385

If you have some hints about how to do it, I may give a try to implement the 3rd option to not behave like option1+option3 but only as “option3”. Unless you think it may creates regressions.