Openfire - Groups not updated on Roster from Database using custom DB

We are using an external database for users and groups, on Openfire 3.6.4 through Xiff 3.0 beta with our own client through Xiff.

When a user is added on our database, the roster doesn’t get updated. I am logged in as “User1”. “User2” is added to the database to the same shared group, so I should see him in my roster. User2 can login and see User1 on his roster, but User1’s roster hasn’t been updated. Even after log out, User2 still doesn’t show up on User1’s roster.

Apparently the group is being cached or something. Where should I be looking at for a fix to this problem? Xiff? OpenFire? I found about the property “” in the docs, but I’m not sure if this is the property I should be using to get groups to update the members.