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Openfire hazelcast Caches


We are starting to work with hazelcast plugin to create Openfire clusters. We saw that we can configure some caches in hazelcast, but it’s not very clear how the plugin is integrating with the legacy Openfire caches mechanism.

  • Are we using only Caches defined in the Hazelcast plugin or some of the legacy caches are still used when clustering is enabled ?
  • Are the hazelcast caches used only when clustering has been activated in the config panel or as soon as the plugin is installed in Openfire ?
  • In Openfire admin panel, in the page “Caches”, the Caches from Hazelcast plugin are never displayed, aren’t they ?

Thank you

Openfire uses an interface for the caches that it uses. When Hazelcast is being loaded, the existing cache implementation gets replaced with an implementation provided by Hazelcast.

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