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Openfire high CPU usage

Hello Everyone,
Recently, I have tried updating our Openfire version to 4.4.4 from 4.1.6. the transition went smooth, but after a few days, we started noticing the unnatural CPU usage and revert to 4.1.6. we try to dig in and figure out that since we are using multiple MUC services around 5000+ and that is was causing the high CPU usages. installed Openfire 4.4.4 after removing the MUC services from the system and CPU usage went down. again added the services and it went UP. this behavior is not observed in Openfire 4.1.6.

is there any settings or cache that we set or update that can solve the CPU usage issue. or this is bug in Openfire that needs to be addressed.
currently stuck with the Openfire4.1.6
tried with 4.5.0 beta and results were the same.
any help will be appreciated :slight_smile:

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I am sorry to hear that. Are you able to profile the application when it is showing the increased CPU usage?

no guss, I am not able to profile it. can you suggest some ways to do that?