Openfire how can configure high availability?

Good afternoon, my work has an asterisk server and also one with openfire, both are mapped, I know that way I can configure another openfire server high availability when I first server fails, the second is my support and keep everything as if nothing happened

Hi, you asked how to configure openfire to be highly available? I would use the clustering plugin.

What platform are you running openfire on? Clustering plugin is overkill if you just want HA - Just run Openfire under a clustered resource manager, such as Pacemaker on Linux or Windows HA Services on Windows. You will need to move a service IP address around when the Openfire app moves so clients knows where to connect to.

This distribution platform with CentOS linux, what I want is that if the primary server to present a problem of software or hardware environment was secondary to keep up the connection of customers with openfire.

So run Openfire out of pacemaker - If one host fails, it will restart it on the other one. Your clients will have to reconnect - No getting around that. But it’s better than being down.