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Openfire Http binding capability

Im running openfire server with clients that connected only via http binding, im suffering heavy delays on when users reach 250-300 on server, im not using any connection managers as well…

I wander if someone can provide me information about Openfire Http binding capabilities, such as maximum users it can handle and any relative information.


In fact any information regarding http-binding clients will be appretiated

Did you ever get any information on this.

The http-bind service in Openfire is using the Jetty web server. I think you should modify the parameters for the long polling. It might improve performance. Otherwise try moving to websockets. It works on all browsers and gives better performance. No more HTTP polling.

Can you expand on your statement " I think you should modify the parameters for the long polling. It might improve performance. " I dont understand

Is websockets available in 3.7.1? The client I have build is based on strophe, and I think there may be a websockets component built for that but I don’t want to pursue that right now if its not in 3.7.1

Have a look at http://community.igniterealtime.org/docs/DOC-1061

Check the http-bind properties

Websockets plugin only works with Openfire 3.7.2 because it needs jetty 7.5. You can patch your Openfire 3.7.1 with Jetty 7.5. You only replace the openfire.jar file

See http://code.google.com/p/openfire-websockets/downloads/list

A member of the community who provided the improvements to the websockets plugin has a lot more than 300 concurrent users with websockets.

See the OfChat Chrome plugin for the the websockets JS file for Strophe

Ok I am attempting this with both Strophe and Candy.

I have 3.7.2 up and running fine and am working on Candy.

Working on Candy right now… I see they say

You can pass a websocket endpoint using Candy.init({websocket: “ws://example.org/wsxmpp”}).

What would the end point be for openfire? I have tried the site url, as well as including the port(7070) , neither with luck.

Any suggestions?

the websockets plugin endpoint URL is

“ws://” + window.host + “/ws/server?username=xxxx&password=yyyy&resource=zzzzz”

for anonymous connections, omit username and password or set to null

Look at OfChat source code for example of using with Strophe or look at strophe-connection-websockets.js in Candy Plugin.