Openfire + IIS + jwchat

Good morning,

I write here to ask some help about the three things in the subject.

I try to run jwchat with openfire and IIS.

I would like to know if somebody can make it works correctly ?

If yes, how could you do?

I installed openfire 3.5 ans I’ve used the IIS of Windows XP.

When I run jwchat, I can log in but I have a message box that tell me “Service unavailable”.

Thanks for your replies.

Hello Greg,

              I think there is no need of IIS for running Openfire server. This uses Jetty sever. So u needn't to configure it in IIS. You can use it by running it and you can setup it by Web Admin  interface which is running on

Yes but my project is to developp a chat in a ASP.NET page.

I’ve searched for many days, I found a little after post my precedent message that http-bind doesn’t work in Openfire 3.5.

I found many many subjects speak about that, but no subject speak about a solution.

Do you know something about http-bind and OpenFire 3.5 ?


I am not able to getting you.

First of tell me

  1. Are you want to use Operfire as Chat server

  2. Are you want to make client on

  3. Are you want to make admin interface in

  • Yes I would like to user OpenFire.

  • I would like to put my client in a ASP.NET page.

I can’t make a client in ASP.NET because the postback.

It’s not possible to have a window that refresh every time it receive a message.

It’s sure that if I can, I prefer to make the client in ASP.NET

  • Which interface admin?

I think it can be possible to make client in any server-side language wheather it is, JSP or PHP.

I suggest use AJAX with which can solve your problem and prevent from refreshing.In Gmail we chat with AJAX technology.

You can use C# liberary(agsXMPP)for jabber protocol which can be used for communicating with openfire. You can find about this libarary here

Yes, it exactly what I want :slight_smile:

But to do this, I can’t use the ASP.NET library, can it ?

So I need the jsjac library which allow me to use AJAX.

Sorry for bumping an old post.

I just thought of sharing the method to use Openfire with IIS (in particular IIS7). With this, you will be able to use XMPP javascript libraries (e.g. Strophe, jwchat) with Openfire.


  1. Install IIS7.0

  2. Install the Application Request Routing component on IIS7.0 and enable reverse proxy functionality ( tion-request-routing/)

  3. Go to C:\Windows\System32\inetsrv\config and open applicationHost.config

  4. Under the /configuration/system.webServer element, add the following and then save the file:

  1. Test the reverse proxy functionality by entering “” in your browser
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I am using **Openfire + IIS Express (webmatrix) + JWChat **to test web chatting and try to integrate JWChat to my ASP.NET project (developed by MS Visual Web Developer).

I have no idea how to do the reverse proxy configureation on webmatrix or ASP.NET running at my localhost.

Anyone can give some instructions or suggestions?