Openfire IM Routing from legacy networks to Fastpath workgroups



the IM Gateway plugin in Openfire support the routing of instant

messages from legacy networks like yahoo to the fastpath workgroups.


example we have an yahoo IM account, which is integrated into openfire

via the IM Gateway plugin. On reciept of an IM message from another IM

user, is there a way to route the message to the workgroup present in

openfire fastpath.

Can we register a workgroup with the any gateway service like yahoo?



I don’t believe it does, but that would certainly be a cool feature. It probably wouldn’t be too difficult to set up if anyone is interested in a fun project! =)

Oh also, I meant to say that if the workshop is an actual user account, then you ought to be able to register it with transports. If it’s a MUC room then no. If the case is the former, it either would work right out of the box, or require minimal code changes!


Is there any workaround to route the IM messages from networks like yahoo, msn to the fastpath workgroups?

“IM Gateway Protocol doesn’t support XEP-0045: Multi-User Chat” - is this the reason for not being able to route im messages to fastpath from other networks? If not, can you please provide me the technical details for why this is not possible…



Without myself knowing more about fastpath, I don’t really have any more details to give. It’s not something I’ve worked with much at all.

If fastpath has an XMPP account (not a MUC room) assigned to it for a workgroup, then it’s probably fairly easy to set up.

if you can give me further information, I can do this project.

but I need some more information, in which way I have to do it.


Hehehe like I said a moment ago, I don’t have any other details to give without knowing more about fastpath.


we are still interested in this feature (routing from gateways to fastpath workgroups).

so if someone can implement such a pugin for us, we will pay for your work of course.

if you are interested, please contact me.