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OpenFire In-Chat Name(Nick) Issue!

We are using OpenFire 4.1.5 in our mobile game. Recently, we have been facing issue that some users names’ (in game) go either blank or changed to random numbers like 123 or 420. The nicks of those users , in our game, remain the same. But when we view those users through OpenFire Admin Console, their names have been updated abruptly.

Any help or clue in resolving this issue is appreciated.


Nickname is handled and can be changed by a client, so maybe your game or users through you game are doing this.

We are re-confirming this. But if there is no chance that these few users updated their nicks in-game, is there any possibility that nicks could be altered on their own in Openfire?


That would be a bug, but I haven’t heard about such issue, so if it is a bug, then very specific to your setup/environment.