Openfire Inband account registration windows auto close

I have a problem with in band account registration windows

after restarting my open fire server (3.9.3 under debian wheezy) it began to close in 2 seconds after opening

where should I lookup to make it stay open?

Can you explain again what exactly is not working. Are you trying to register a new account with some client? Which client? Spark? Or are you using the Registration plugin for web registration?

I use adium and when I click on register new user it opens web frame with a registration page from open fire

Before yesterday user was able to dil al the fields and submit form, but now it stays open for several seconds and then closes

Have you tried restarting the server? You can also try with some other client to see if this is a global issue. You can try that Registration plugin to see if web registration works. Maybe there was some Adium update recently which caused this.