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Openfire Install4j installation issue on Solaris

This is more or a FYI, rather than a question. But most recently, we went to install the TAR distribution on Solaris 10, and after extracting the TAR and running the start-up, we kept getting,

Exception in thread “main” java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/install4j/runtime/Launcher

Our issue was actually quite simple to fix, but it was somewhat cryptic, so I thought I include the solution here.


  • install4j creates a ~/.install4j FILE when it is loaded for the first time
  • the TAR has a ./install4j DIRECTORY with JARs and configurations for the 1st time setup
  • If you set the Home directory of your user to be the openfire directory, this will cause a nasty conflict.

For example, openfire installed to /opt/apps/openfire and home directory of the openfire user is /opt/apps/openfire.

Our solution was to move openfire into a sub-directory, such as


allowing the FILE (Install4j JRE Version Cache)


to be created, as well as the DIRECTORY


I hope this can help someone…

Found out the same after an hour of fiddling… This should be added to the install guide (maybe a short notes section for Solaris or other non linux installs).