Openfire Installation on Windows 64bit 32GB RAM


Im having a 64 bit Windows 2003 with 32GB RAM for my Openfire Application. Im expecting it to handle 100,00,00 Agents to connect via 50 Connection mangers to this.

Im facing a issue while configuring it to run with JRE for 64bit. Its running fine with JRE provided in the installation but with that im not able to increase
VM RAM beyond 1.5 GB
C:\Program Files (x86)\Openfire\bin\openfire-service.vmoptions


Can you guide me to use atleast 20GB of RAM with JRE 64bit with Openfire Service installation. Kindly Reply ASAP. the whole system is pending to go live due to this issue.


Pradeep Nair

I will try to get 2003 64bit up tomorrow, can’t promise of course that will have enough time to test, but will try.

Thanks Oiram for the reply.

I did some research and found a link

Used openfire-service.exe from this link and the system started working. The max memory limit for this is showing as 10GB. not using more. I understand the 64bit JVM uses 2x memory of 32bit. But memory is not showing correctly in admin console. The EXE in process manager is showing 250 Mb used, but inside admin console its showing 1+ GB Used. Should i be bothered about it? Also if required how can i increase the memory to 24 GB. Till now only admin user is added.

FYI we are using 64bit SQL 2005 server for DB. DB server configuration as good but better than this application server.

Ill be doing a load test on above with 1M users using my own created Load test program. Will let you know the results.

I have locked the other duplicate thread and also have moved this one to Openfire Support. It should get more attention in this section, and Enterprise version doesn’t exist anymore.

An Update :

Currently running with 750 Users active, Admin console showing 35% CPU usage of 10GB. Where as Process Manager is showing around 400 MB.

Configured Connection manager to run as a service on a 2003 VM. Thanks to

Tomm will be shifting the connection via Firewall->Loadbalancer->ConnectionManager (2 Nos).

Will update this post once i get the result of these tests.

Once above test is done will do the 100,00,00 Agents test, beforegoing Live.

Any configuration changes suggestions on Openfire 64bit will be appriciated.