Openfire integration with a SMPP - require plugin


I am totally new to openfire server. So please bear with me if this a wrong question here.

There is a upcoming project/thought for us to integrate SMPP with XMPP. We thought we use

openfire. But I have few questions.

We already have our own SMPP server (open source -modified to fit our needs) and we would like to provide an XMPP interface to it.

So can I write a plug-in so that every message is send to our SMPP server. I have seen various plug-ins in the plug-in page but not sure how plug-ins are called… any better ideas or any links for documenations is helpful


I think that depends on what you are trying to accomplish. Plugins are usually used to intercept messages and do some extra processing, or to perform some operations against the internals of OpenFire itself.

I once wrote a plugin that would receive message from JMS and send them to users. This basically falls into the using the internals category since it was a JMS listener that used OpenFire API’s to get user presence information and send them messages.

If you want to send messages directly to your plugin, you probably want a component instead.

First of all, we don’t want to have XMPP implementation embedded in our SMPP server. We would rather have messages from openfire server to SMPP server via a plug-in or component. However, the user authorization is shared from a db or third party AAA server.

So if we have to write a component… Do we have enough documentation on writing a component or do we have to get to the source code.